February 21 Robert Dunlap Medal of Honor

Robert Dunlap earned the Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima on this day for his heroic leadership of his rifle company. When his company was stopped by Japanese defenses, Dunlap crawled alone across 200 yards of open ground to spot the enemy strong points. After crawling back to his men, he exposed himself to fire to direct artillery and naval … Read More

February 20 William Lawley Medal of Honor

William Lawley earned the Medal of Honor when he stayed with his B-17 and crash landed the plane to save the lives of two wounded Americans. He survived the War and had a long career in the Air Force. Honor and remember him! #airforce #worldwar2 #worldwarII #hero #leader

February 20 William Prescott Born

I want the Founding Fathers to get their due; William Prescott, hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill, he of “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!’ fame, was born on this due. Prescott was a great American whom we should honor and remember!

February 19 Justice Chambers Medal of Honor

Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Justice Chambers, commanding 3d Battalion, 25th Marines, earned the Medal of Honor for his heroic leadership on the first day of Imo Jima,  when, despite horrendous casualties, he led his battalion in securing the high ground around the landing beaches. Honor and remember him! Chambers was wounded by machine gun fire on February 23 and medically … Read More

February 19 Samuel Cole Medal of Honor

Sergeant Samuel Cole earned the Medal of Honor for his leadership on Iwo Jima, when he single-handedly took out two Japanese gun emplacements before being killed by Japanese grenades.  A bugler, Cole repeatedly asked to be assigned as a machine-gunner, fighting in Guadalcanal, Tinian and Saipan.  The USS Cole, which was damaged by Al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen in October … Read More

February 18 Daniel Fernandez Medal of Honor

Daniel Fernandez earned the Medal of Honor posthumously in 1966, when he jumped on a Viet Cong grenade that had landed in the middle of his patrol. Honor and remember him!  Part of the 25th Infantry Division, Fernandez was from Albuquerque, New Mexico and is buried in Santa Fe. 

February 17 Owen Hammerberg Medal of Honor

Owen Hammerberg earned the Medal of Honor posthumously as a Navy diver at Pearl Harbor for saving the lives of two fellow divers. Honor and remember him! From Daggett, Michigan, Hammerberg served aboard the USS Idaho and Advent before becoming a diver. He saved two others divers in pitch black water during a salvage operation, who had been trapped by … Read More