Joshua Chamberlain, Hero of Gettysburg

Good Morning! Joshua Chamberlain saved the Union Army at the Battle of Gettysburg. His regiment, the 20th Maine, held the army’s extreme flank and stopped repeated attacks by the 15th Alabama Infantry. He received the Medal of Honor for his leadership. Chamberlain went on to become a Major General and was badly wounded at the second Battle of Petersburg. Later, at Quaker Road, a bullet hit him in his chest but was deflected by the Bible and portrait of his wife he carried under his jacket. After the war, Chamberlain served as governor of Maine and was a professor at Bowdoin College. He died at 86 years of age in 1914 after a life full of service and leadership. We should honor and remember him. 
 “The inspiration of a noble cause enables men to do things they did not dream themselves capable of before.”— Joshua Chamberlain 
 1944 – Sue Sophia Dauser, superintendent of the Navy’s nurse corps, becomes the first woman to achieve the rank of Captain, one step below Admiral. Read about her here. 
 1991 – The Battle of 73 Easting took place during the Gulf War, destroying the Republican Guard. H.R. McMaster was a Captain commanding a tank company during the battle.