Getting boys reading, building leadership skills & gaining pride in American history.

We launched in 2016 with physical kits sold at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other retailers and we are expanding this year with digital Missions.

Jim Murphy, a veteran Marine who is passionate about American history, created American Heroes Challenge.

The brand stands on the shoulders of giants and we give back - $1 of every Flash & Thunder module sold goes to veteran and American historical non-profits.

Future Missions & Stories

We have a lot planned!

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"The interactive graphic novel "Flash & Thunder" [gives] the reader a choose-your-own adventure experience..."
"This is an action-packed highly visual and historically accurate gaming experience that can get kids interested in reading and history.""

"Flash & Thunder is like a smart recombination of the things I enjoyed most from my own childhood: American Girl dolls/Books, Oregon Trail…only with a major upgrade."

"This game is ideal for all kids – even reluctant readers – who can’t resist taking on a mission."