June 8 Frank Peregory Medal of Honor

Sergeant  Frank Peregory received the Medal of Honor for his heroic leadership on this day in France, when he attacked a German machine-gun emplacement single-handedly, killing eight enemy troops and taking 35 prisoner. His actions opened the way for his battalion to move forward. Honor and remember him!

Sadly Peregory was killed in action eight days later, so his Medal of Honor award was posthumous. He had enlisted in the Virginia National Guard at age 15 in 1931, and then mobilized in early 1941 when the Guard was federalized. In early 1942, Peregory rescued a soldier from drowning in North Carolina and received the Soldier’s Medal. He landed with the 29th Division as part of the first wave on Omaha Beach on D-Day. Peregory is buried in Normandy.

Read his Medal of Honor citation: