July 9 Donald Pucket Medal of Honor

Donald Pucket earned the Medal of Honor posthumously in a raid over Romania in 1944. 

The US Army Air Corps waged a sustained bombing campaign against Romanian oil fields and refiners from 1943 onward in order deprive the Axis powers. Pucket commanded his B-24 Liberator on one such raid on July 9, 1944.

When his plane was damaged, Pucket calmly righted the aircraft, administered first aid, and diffused the poison gas seeping through the cabin. Realizing that the plane could not make it back to base, he ordered his crew to bail out. Three of the airmen were either too severely wounded or hysterical to jump, however, so Pucket elected to stay with the men and try to make a crash landing. 

The plane was too badly damaged, however, and all aboard died in the attempt. Pucket is buried at Jefferson Barracks in St Louis. Please honor and remember Donald Pucket!

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